prints for sale

by William Benson in Miscellaneous
It seems to have taken me forever, but I think I am finally ready to offer prints of some of my paintings for sale. If this endeavor goes well I will continue to make other pieces available but for now there are 9 images ready. It has taken me a while because I had to find a printer that would do a really good job of color fidelity as well as offering nice paper with good weight. So I have had many pieces printed several times before I thought they were accurate.The printer I am using guarantees a color fastness of 75 years – well, OK, but who will be around to make sure that is true. All I know is they are using the most highly rated inks on the market.
At this point I am offering only one size per image because I don’t want to begin this part of the sight with too many options until I get a handle on how well everything is working. In the future I hope to offer two sizes (large and small basically) of each images except the ones that should remain small.
These are not signed and numbered giclees – I tried that once with several images and found the price range made it prohibitive for many people who simply wanted a nice, fairly low cost reproduction without all the fuss.  I am launching this venture of print sales today March 3, 2015 but please be patient with us if there is a glitch somewhere in the system. We will do everything we can to either get you your print or your money back.